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Cogeneration systems

Our offer includes Solar Turbines turbogenerators

Used for the combined production of electricity and heat (CHP).

Dedicated solutions

In addition to classic energy applications, we have solutions dedicated to various industry sectors where the characteristics of gas turbines are part of the plant's production process,
in particular for industry:

  • stationery
  • ceramic
  • food
  • brewery
  • chemical
  • medical
  • from synthetic materials
  • textile
Układy kogeneracyjne

Use of cogeneration

One of the key solutions to meet the growing energy needs of production plants while maintaining a high level of plant efficiency.

TurbineMechanical driveGenerator
Saturn 20118515901210
Centaur 40350047003515
Centaur 50457061304600
Mercury 50N/AN/A4600
Taurus 60574077005670
Taurus 65N/AN/A6500
Taurus 708290111108180
Mars 909860132209450
Mars 100118601590011350
Titan 130175002347016530
Titan 250237903190023100


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