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Natural gas CNG

Gascontrol Polska is a supplier of CNG gas

Our many years of experience in this area allows us to meet the expectations of the client, which include end users as well as gas system operators.


The delivery of compressed gas CNG may be used, inter alia, in cases where

  • the supply of network gas to the end customer is impossible within the period specified in the connection agreement as a result of force majeure affecting the investment process
  • the gas system operator cannot deliver network gas to the customer within the time limit expected by the customer due to its location
  • gas supply is necessary for technological start-up, and the network with the connection has not yet been completed
  • no alternative source of energy
  • the supply of network gas to the end customer is impossible due to renovation works
  • a supply of nitrogen-rich natural gas is necessary
  • the pressure at the place of delivery is high
  • in the case of the investment acceptance process.
Gaz ziemny CNG

Our advantage is that we always find the optimal technological and economic solution for the supply of liquefied LNG or compressed CNG.


If you want to know more details, please contact us.

Dariusz Jarczyk
+48 603 776 341