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LNG natural gas

Gascontrol Polska is a supplier of LNG gas

We ensure the continuity of LNG supplies in emergency situations, in the event of planned renovation works and in the event of the inability to supply network gas.


Based on many years of industry experience, employing highly qualified engineering and technical staff and implementing a number of projects, we offer a comprehensive service related to LNG gas supplies, which includes

  • advice on the selection of the best solution
  • designing the station together with obtaining all administrative permits
  • construction of a regasification station with a reduction and measurement station
  • supplies of liquefied natural gas  LNG
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

Gaz ziemny LNG
Mobilne stacje regazyfikacji LNG i CNG

Mobile regasification stations

Our offer includes emergency gas supply services with the use of mobile regasification stations, ensuring gas supply within a few hours of the customer's request.

If the required gas pressure at the place of delivery is of high parameters or it is necessary to supply nitrogen-rich natural gas, we offer you a comprehensive service of CNG, compressed gas supply, thus replacing liquefied gas LNG.


If you want to know more details, please contact us.

Dariusz Jarczyk
+48 603 776 341