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Materials for the construction of pipelines

Induction bends: tubular made of carbon steel and stainless steel

Depending on the needs, we provide "cold" bending and induction heating services.

Parameters of „of cold” bent arcs

  • min. possible size 60.3 mm
  • max. possible size * 273.0 × 18.0 mm
  • min. possible bending radius 180 mm
  • max. possible bending radius 1320 mm
  • max. bending angle 180 °

Parameters of „induction” bent arcs

  • possible dimension 88.9 mm
  • possible dimension * 820.0 × 30.0 mm
  • possible bending radius of 400 mm
  • possible bending radius with the arm 9000 mm
  • possible bending radius with pressure roller unlimited
  • bending angle ** 180 °
* as the outer diameter of the pipe decreases, the wall thickness that can be bent increases
** up to a bending radius of R = 5000 mm
Łuki indukcyjne rurowe ze stali węglowych oraz stali nierdzewnej

Standards for induction arcs

We produce bows from our own or customer-provided material. We also provide insulation services for delivered products. We offer induction bends in the following standards

  • EN 13480-4
  • EN 13480-4
  • EN 14870-1

We sincerely hope that our offer will meet with your approval and interest. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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