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Gas pipelines

Comprehensive execution of investments in the gas energy sector

Modern equipment and highly qualified staff enable us to implement strategic facilities for the Polish natural gas transmission system, such as gas transmission pipelines, gas compressor stations.


Gascontrol Polska provides services related to the execution and design of turnkey investments in the gas energy sector, successfully implementing investment projects in the field of construction of gas transmission and distribution networks along with accompanying infrastructure.

We have an implemented integrated management system and the required UDT qualifications for the production of pipelines

  • industrial
  • distribution
  • steel
  • thermoplastics for gases and liquid media.
Our experience has allowed us to build over 100 km of DN1000 gas pipelines


Thanks to many years of experience in the gas market, we carry out complex multi-sector projects of gas distribution and high pressure gas transmission pipelines..

We offer you support at all stages of design work, i.e.

  • upon obtaining industry arrangements
  • when obtaining administrative decisions (including decisions on environmental conditions and decisions on determining the location of a public purpose investment)
  • opinions necessary to develop a construction design
  • and obtaining a building permit.

As part of its services, the company provides detailed executive designs, technical specifications, investor cost estimates and bills of quantities, and guarantees the author's supervision.

Experienced designers take care of the reliable execution of entrusted projects and the highest level of service, meeting the client's requirements.


If you want to know more details, please contact us.

Kamil Haratyk
+48 606 286 856