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Compressors and gas compression stations

Competences in the field of gas compression

Participation in gas compressor station construction projects as well as many years of cooperation with leading technology suppliers allow us to undertake the most demanding tasks.


The area of performance and, above all, welding and assembly works are the pillar of our activity. In recent years, we have participated in many projects related to the construction of gas compressor stations in Central and Eastern Europe.

Implementation of projects in selected industries as well as general contracting in the EPC formula allows us to

qualified punishment
extensive hardware resources
experience gained

Using our own experience as well as the experience of leading technology suppliers with whom we cooperate, we offer punctuality and high quality of provided services.

Tłocznie i stacje sprężania gazu
Tłocznie i stacje sprężania gazu - Solar Turbines

Solar Turbines

Many years of cooperation with Solar Turbines, which together with SMF Hodonin represent on the Polish market, is one of the foundations of our development. Direct access to specialists with international experience provides great support during the preparation and implementation of projects.

We have gained our experience, among others during the installation of new turbocompressors in the Czech Republic on gas compressor stations

  • Kourim
  • Breclav
  • Kralice

Completed projects

The Kourim and Breclav projects were implemented comprehensively by Gascontrol in 2019. Each facility was equipped with a centrifugal gas compressor driven by a gas turbine with a mechanical power of approx. 12 MW and approx. 15 MW, respectively.



The scope of our work also included the installation of all auxiliary devices necessary for the proper operation of the pumping station, min.

  • combustion air drafts
  • flue gas exhaust systems
  • ventilation lines
  • oil cooler assemblies
  • process and fuel gas pipelines
  • compressed air installations
  • fire extinguishing installations
  • electrical installations and automation
  • and other sets of devices necessary for the proper functioning of the compressor station.

Gas Compressors / Solar Turbines

Since 2015, together with our partner SMF Hodonin, we have been a representative of Solar Turbines, a world leader in the production of low and medium power gas turbines, on the Polish market. The offer includes

  • gas turbines from 1 to 23MW
  • compressor units
  • cogeneration units

In the field of Oil & Gas we support projects in the following areas:

  • Production / extraction
  • Transmission (gas compressor stations)
  • Gas storage (UGS)
  • LNG

We have over 1,400 installations included in the InSight System remote monitoring system.

turbiny gazowe


Gaz Turbines

sprężarki gazu


Gas Compressors

instalacje gazowe

Over 100

Completed installations

Gas compressors / Enerproject

Gascontrol Polska Sp. z o.o. is a representative of ENERPROJECT, a Swiss manufacturer of gas compressors. The company has been present on the market since 1980, consistently building its position in the field of gas compression.

Our offer includes a full chain of services, ranging from technical support at the pre-design stage, through implementation, and ending with long-term service contracts and customer after-sales support. We provide both the devices themselves and comprehensive solutions in the „turnkey” formula.

The main areas of application are

  • oil & gas: compression of fuel gases, process gases, residual gases, installations supporting the production of LNG, gas storage
  • power industry: fuel gas compressors for engines and gas turbines, gas mixing plants, etc.
  • refrigeration: process cooling, LNG, ammonia installations, etc.


If you want to know more details, please contact us.

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