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9 months – amazing pace of construction of the investment!

On October 11, 2022. (Tuesday) a positive Technical Acceptance of the investment entitled „Connection to the EC Czechnica transmission network – in the town of Siechnice as part of the construction of connections and gas pipelines to connect the entities connected to the gas transmission system, along with the infrastructure necessary for their operation,” thus allowing the gas facilities and pipelines to be gassed. The investment will enable the connection of a new gas and steam unit with a thermal capacity of 315 MWt and an electric capacity of 179 MWe of the new Czechnica CHP plant. The entity to be connected (Kogeneracja S.A.) will provide the opportunity to supply the Commune of Siechnice and the southern regions of Wrocław with electricity and heat generated under low-emission technologies.  

The scope of the investment is briefly presented below:

  • Gas pipeline DN500 MOP 8.4 MPa, 4.7 km long
  • Gas pipeline DN300 MOP 8.4 MPa with a length of 6.5 km EC Czechnica
  • Measuring Station with a capacity of 63,000 m3 / h MOP 8.4 MPa ZZU angular DN300 / DN500
  • Control System with a capacity of 200 00 m3 / h
  • Pressure Safety System on the network connection 8.4 / 5.5 MPa

On the route of the gas pipelines, the following were performed:

  • 13 jacking (10 jacking pipes DN500, 3 jacking pipes DN700)
  • 5 HDD-controlled drillings with DN300
  • gas pipeline 2 microtunnels with a DN500 pipe along the track rails
  • Sheet piling, tree cutting, pressure tests, geometric piston testing of the Dn500 gas pipeline, fiber optic installation, cathodic protection and many more …  

And all this in just 9 months !!!