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T.D. Williamson

Continuity of gas supply to final customers, and thus security of supply, depends on, among others, the technical condition of the gas pipelines and the works performed on these pipelines, which are aimed at maintaining the proper technical condition. Consequently, any maintenance and modernization work aimed at ensuring the maximum security of gas supply must be carried out with a high technical and technological level.

This level is guaranteed by Gascontrol Polska sp. z o.o., which provides services on existing medium, increased medium and high pressure pipelines, within the range of DN 80 to DN 1200 diameters, by means of the T.D. Williamson technology, guaranteeing uninterrupted gas supply to end customers.

Working on active gas pipelines at full operating pressure using this method allows the pipeline segment to be separated with the possibility to safely carry out network operations while ensuring uninterrupted delivery of gaseous fuel to end users, which at present times, when gas has become an essential energy source, is an essential and reliable solution that allows uninterrupted delivery during maintenance and modernization work.

Marek Zieliński

Marek Zieliński

Director of TDW Hermetic Works
tel kom.: +48 662 057 880