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Systems for pipelines’ defects removal

We offer a range of state-of-the-art NRI composite products for repair and reinforcement of pipelines with an individual approach to every repair. High quality products and technical solutions of NRI has been successfully used in the implementation of many thousands of repairs, modernization and reinforcement of pipelines. Support of our own development center and specialist laboratory ensures that NRI products are of unmatched quality and complies with ASME-PCC3 and ISO TS 24817 standards. Repair solutions include, among others, carbon fiber and glass fiber as well as various reinforcing epoxy systems. Supported sectors:

  • refinery industry and petrochemicals
  • industry (chemical, food processing)
  • installations for the transmission of crude oil, natural gas and other gases
  • marine and offshore installations and facilities
  • mining,
  • metallurgical and coking,
  • water supply / waste water treatment plants

In our offer you will find both a full range of NRI composite materials as well as complex services related to repair and reinforcement of pipelines, with particular focus on the installations/facilities in operation.

Przemysław Tusznio

Przemysław Tusznio

Director Of Foreign Markets and Development
tel kom.: +48 882 066 127