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Pressure tests and gas pipeline rehabilitation

Gascontrol Poland sp. z o.o. in cooperation with CEPS company, offers specialized services related, among others, to:

  • preparation of gas pipelines for operation including standard and stress testing.
  • mechanical cleaning and calibration, drying of piping and pipe systems.
  • chemical cleaning of petroleum products, sulphur and other chemicals deposits.
  • Pipeline rehabilitation including inspections, defects detection, material testing of existing pipelines, technological, strength analysis, implementation of repair programs.
  • and other engineering services related to gas pipelines, petroleum pipelines as well as to other product pipelines.

Rehabilitation of pipelines allow:

  • checki their functionality,
  • longterm and safe operation,
  • increase the maximum working pressure of the pipeline (including the gas flow).

Comprehensive approach to assessing the technical condition of a pipeline allows disclosure of critical defects that can simply be removed to prevent breakdowns and other consequences of breaking the continuity of the pressure pipeline wall.

 Przemysław Tusznio

Przemysław Tusznio

Director Of Foreign Markets and Development
tel kom.: +48 882 066 127