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Pipeline internal inspection

Periodic checking of technical condition of pipelines is the basis for long-term and safe operation of gas pipelines in both transmission and distribution systems. Inspections can be carried out at every stage of the life of the pipeline. Representing CEPS in the field of gas and petroleum pipeline works, we offer on-line and off-line inspections. Comprehensive scope of work includes preparatory work, welding and assembly work, pig drive, off-line inspections using CDRIA inspection pigs or others as required by the operator along with the development of appropriate reports. The qualitative analysis of the investigated object results in increased safety and reliability of the utilized pipeline.

The exceptional service is off-line inspection of water-driven or a combination of water and air driven pigs, which allows for the in-house control of almost any UT, TFI or MFL utilities depending on the decision of the network operator. The state of scientific knowledge and technology availability opens up to gas network operators a powerful tool for monitoring the technical condition of pipelines, as well as managing new and predominantly exhausted pipelines.

Operators are no longer dependent solely on the MFL or TFI methods, but they can make full use of the potential of ultrasonic instruments, using technologies that combine both methods. Network owners can get high quality data, especially on defects such as cracks that were previously unrecognizable. Off-line inspection allows pipeline control of not yet adapted to pigging pipelines, for example, a gas pipeline with insufficient flow or lack of gas flow, sections unassembled for launching and receiving inspection tools.

 Przemysław Tusznio

Przemysław Tusznio

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