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Turboexpanders and thermogenerators

GASCONTROL POLSKA Sp. z o.o. offers the equipment intended for the independent supplies of electricity for the gas stations, necessary, among others, for providing remote reading of current and billing data from metering and billing systems installed on the gas stations.

The first of the proposed equipment is an electric thermogenerator – this device was developed by GASCONTROL POLSKA Sp. z o.o in cooperation with the Institute of Thermal Technology of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Using an innovative solution that is a turbogenerator allows the supply of electricity generated from natural gas in the amount that protects the needs of metering and billing systems as well as data transmission systems. Thermogenerator utilizes a reliable physical phenomena – thermoelectric effect. The device has no moving parts – the generation of the current is directly from the heat generated by the combustion of natural gas and its work is controlled by the control system without generating additional operating costs.

The second device used to power the gas station is a turboexpander. The turboexpander makes  it possible to utilize gas pressure reduction to generate electricity.

The use of this solution makes it possible to produce electricity of a higher power than the proposed thermogenerator. The nominal power of the expansion turbine is 18 kW and is reached for an expansion gas stream of 2500 m3/h at the differential pressure of 13 bar. For smaller gas streams, the power output is proportionately lower according to the operating characteristics of the device.

The proposed solutions allow to reduce investment costs, reduce the costs of purchasing electricity from the power grid, reduce operating costs, and thus ensure safety at work through proper supervision. The devices allow the generation of the required amount of electricity from natural gas regardless of atmospheric conditions.

Krzysztof Górny

Krzysztof Górny

Head of Gas Power Generation Department
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