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  • Comprehensive execution of tasks related to the construction, reconstruction and modernization of high, medium and low pressure gas supply networks and installations.
  • Construction, reconstruction and modernization of technological pipelines.
  • Automatic welding of transmission pipelines of diameters up to DN 1400.
  • Construction and modernization of water and sewage networks.
  • Performing specialist work (stress tests, rehabilitation of pipelines).
  • Welding services using automatic welding machines.
  • Horizontal drilling.

Gas stations

  • Modernization and construction of pressure reduction/measuring stations of 1st and 2nd
  • Modernization and construction of measuring stations.
  • Modernization and construction of contact and injection odorization devices.
  • Modernization and construction of boiler plants.
  • Performing electrical, control and instrumentation works.
  • Data transmission from measurement systems.
  • Inspections and operation of gas station, odorizing devices and boiler plants.
  • Rental of temporary gas stations and odorizing devices.
  • Construction and O&M of CNG refuelling stations.

Hermetic works

  • Comprehensive performance of T.D. Williamson’s technology works within the range of DN 80 – DN 1400 steel pipelines.
  • Comprehensive performance of hermetic works within the range of DN 90 – DN 315 polyethylene pipelines.

Anti-corrosion protection

  • Construction of cathodic protection stations together with earthings.
  • Assembly of measuring posts.
  • Measurements of potentials, cables resistance, soil resistivity, eartings, unit grounding resistance.
  • Repairs of damages and deffects/pittings on pipelines.
  • Repaiers and reinforcements of pipelines using NRI composite materials.

Gas deliveries

  • Ensuring the supplies of high-methane LNG as spot and long-term deliveries together with a full service of regasification equipment.
  • Ensuring the supplies of high-methane and nitrogen rich CNG as a spot deliveries together with a full service of the whole process.
  • We provide an optimum choice of the gas deliveries solution based on LNG or CNG considering all technical requirements.

Civil engineering

  • Construction and renovation of drainage works.
  • Construction of passage tunnels (protective) for pipelines.
  • Construction of culverts.

Power generation

  • Installation works related to the supply and discharge of energy media.
  • Turbo expanders and thermogenerators.
  • Construction of biogas plants together with the installation of the equipment for bio-methane production.
  • Assembly of heat and power generating equipment based on turbines and gas engines.