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Anti-corrosion protection

We have qualified staff with many years of experience, which, with the help of appropriate equipment and modern methods, strives to effectively reduce the external effects of destroying pipelines and steel tanks, effectively affecting the prolongation of their service life.

Our company offers performing tasks in the field of corrosion protection of pipelines and steel tanks such as:

  • Passive corrosion protection of steel pipelines, based on depositing a protective layer on the protected surface separating it from the corrosive environment. We perform a number of repairs of insulation defects on steel pipelines using bituminous insulation (hot), PE insulation tape and composite material insulation,
  • Active corrosion protection of pipelines and steel tanks (electrochemical cathodic protection), which is primarily recommended for the protection of underground and underwater steel structures. The advantage of this method is the ability to protect large areas without insulation or with damaged insulation in environments with different resistances, the ability to control and regulate polarity current, the ability to automate and, above all, very high protection efficiency – close to 100%.

In addition, within the corrosion protection of pipelines and steel tanks, we offer execution:

  • Electrical measurement points.
  • Electrical connections to the surface of steel elements by the PIN BRAZING method.  The method is based on copper pin brazing in an electric arc with electronically controlled duration, and thus the controlled amount produced by the energy process, which in turn prevents overheating of the bonded materials. This technique has been found to be used for bonding grounding wires, rail connectors, but primarily for cathodic protection.
Radosław Sobczak

Radosław Sobczak

Head of the Anti – corrosion
tel. kom.: +48 664 130 808