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Gas stations

One of the elements of the gas network are the gas stations that enable pressure reduction from the parameters that exist in transmission or distribution systems to the parameters required at the point of the fuel delivery. We perform tasks related to the construction of new as well as modernization of existing gas stations of 1st and 2nd stages, from the design process according to the recommendations of the investor through the assembling on the production hall, assembly at the place of destination, insertion into the active gas network, commissioning and operation during normal operation of stations in accordance with all  applicable regulations. We manufacture measuring, pressure reduction/measuring or reduction stations that can be equipped with cut-off/discharge units, filtration systems, boiler rooms/plants, odorizing devices and control systems with data transmission.

Depending on the requirements of the investor the stations housings can be containerized or concrete. In addition, we also offer construction and assembly works related to the execution and development of the area around and within the gas station.

Rafał Fulek

Rafał Fulek

Contractorship Director
tel kom.: +48 668 079 350