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Liquefied Natural Gas

Based on many years of industry experience, employing highly qualified technical and engineering staff, and implementing a number of projects, we offer you a comprehensive LNG (liquefied natural gas) supplies service that meets the market requirements.

Our long-standing experience in this field allows us to meet our customers’ expectations, that is the end-users as well as gas system operators.

We offer a comprehensive service of the LNG supplies together with the construction of the necessary installation for the entire delivery process, including, among others, the following cases when:

  • The gas delivery to the end-user is not possible within the deadline specified in the connection agreement as a result of force majeure, affecting the investment process,
  • Gas delivery from the grid to the customer is not possible for the gas grid operator due to location of the customer at the time expected by the customer,
  • Gas delivery is necessary for the technological process start-up, but the gas grid together with the connection is not provided,
  • There is no alternative energy source,
  • The supplies of the grid gas to the end-user is impossible due to renovation works.

Our advantage is that we always find the optimum technological solution for gas supplies. The service rendered in the cases indicated above may be implemented from one day to several years in case of the satellite plant construction, which is not a mobile satellite plant.

Dariusz Jarczyk

Dariusz Jarczyk

Director of Gas Markets
tel kom.: +48 603 77 63 41